EPA Facts

Transparency Problems

Federal laws dictate that regulations developed by the Environmental Protection Agency receive a full public comment period, supposedly giving stakeholders the opportunity to participate in the rulemaking process. Yet officials at the EPA have found several ways to hide their activities from public view and twist federal law to suit their own agendas.

Administrative Misconduct

Lax management within the EPA has defrauded taxpayers of nearly $1 million and created a culture of intimidation among employees. (Read More)

Secret Emails

EPA officials go above and beyond to hide their official communications. Former EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson even created an entire fake person to go with a fake email address. (Read More)

Collusion with Environmental Activists

It’s no secret that there’s a revolving door between environmental activist groups and the EPA. Collusion between the agency and activists has resulted in some of the EPA’s most expensive regulations and the payment of over a million dollars in taxpayer funds to reimburse activists for their lawsuits against the EPA.   (Read More)