Today the Environmental Policy Alliance released the results of a new poll on Americans’ attitudes toward energy and environmental issues. It finds substantial public support for coal and natural gas development as well as opposition to the EPA’s push to limit coal and natural gas production.

Conducted by ORC International (the same polling firm used by CNN), the poll finds more than two-thirds of respondents believe that using America’s vast coal and natural gas resources is “important for national energy security,” compared to just 15 percent who disagree. Further, nearly half of all those surveyed oppose the EPA’s proposed carbon emission regulations on new power plants, with only 31 percent supporting the rules.

The poll also finds that a plurality of respondents oppose state proposals to ban hydraulic fracturing, which are currently being pushed by radical environmentalist groups such as the Sierra Club, NRDC, Greenpeace, and Food & Water Watch as part of their goal to eliminate traditional energy sources.

These results demonstrate that the EPA is out of touch with the American people, who understand the value of coal and natural gas to the U.S. economy and their own livelihoods and standards of living. They also show that the public prefers responsible energy development to burdensome EPA regulations and overreach.