How much should a government agency spend on office furniture? A new report from the Washington Times finds over the past decade, the EPA has spent $92.4 million on furniture “ranging from fancy hickory chairs and a hexagonal wooden table.” That’s roughly $6,000 per agency employee.

The agency was warned about its overspending on furniture back in 2003 in a report by Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, but clearly not much has changed. The fancy chairs may make it more comfortable for agency employees to watch porn at work, though perhaps they weren’t comfortable enough to convince John Beal to show up to work rather than pretend to work for the CIA.

Fancy furniture is far from the only way the EPA is wasting taxpayer money. Earlier this week, the Washington Free Beacon reported a former EPA official in San Francisco spent more than $70,000 of taxpayer money flying nearly every weekend to his home in Orange County. Though the trips were clearly not work-related, he charged taxpayers for miles and meals while at home.

Coverage of EPA employee misconduct is piling up as the agency continues to do damage control after releasing 3 million gallons of contaminated water into a Colorado River and prepares to release its new limits on ozone, predicted to be the most expensive federal regulation ever.