EPA Facts launched a new video today about the power and ineptitude of the EPA. It highlights the top three things that should outrage you about the EPA:

  1. The EPA is hell-bent on raising the cost of electricity for your family: Its coal regulations, by its own estimates, could raise the cost of household electricity by more than $1,000 a year, while eliminating more than 600,000 jobs.
  2. The EPA is a bureaucratic monster that can’t keep track of its employees: Last year, the world discovered a top EPA employee John Beale pretended to be a CIA spy in order to skip work, bilking taxpayers out of almost $1 million in the process.
  3. The EPA is constantly getting in bed with agenda-driven environmental activists: It has used environmentalist talking points and encouraged environmentalists to “sue and settle” so that it can pass regulations without much input from the public, with taxpayers paying the court costs.