EPA Facts GAme

Today EPA Facts launched a new interactive game called “Trash the Evidence.” The user plays EPA chief Gina McCarthy, who must go around Washington trashing emails and text messages while avoiding the press.

The game highlights the EPA’s abysmal transparency record and relationship with the press. McCarthy recently claimed, at a House Oversight Committee meeting, that her staff has “lost” the requested emails regarding the proposed Pebble Mine in Alaska. McCarthy is also being sued for refusing to release records of text messages containing work-related communications. This is unsurprising, given the EPA’s long history of secret emails and hidden communications.

McCarthy’s EPA has also been extremely guarded and refused to cooperate with the press. The Society of Environmental Journalists officially registered its strenuous objections with the way McCarthy and the agency continuously avoid taking unscripted questions and going on the record. But can McCarthy avoid the press in this game as well?

Play the game here to find out and see if you can get the high score!